Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016

First off it was just so great to see everyone yesterday(: I was so happy to get to see Jon and the cute Loveless family as well! I just love you all tons! So thanks for that! And thanks to mom and Emma and Melodie for doing the cute acts of service in our names, that just made me smile. What a sweet idea. (: 

This was a great week and we saw a lot of miracles!! So a few weeks ago a random old potential, H, texted us and gave us her new home phone number, and we were like uhh.. don't know who you are.. but we asked if we could set up an appt with her and she said she missed meeting with us! Then she texted us a few days later and said her daughter was very excited to meet with us as well! YES! So we saw her and her 11 year old daughter A this week and it was a great lesson!! We asked if they had read anything from the BOM since they last met with sisters over 2 years ago and A went and got her BOM and said she reads it almost every night before going to bed and she is in Alma 52! Seriously wow! She even talked about how she loved the story of Alma the Younger. It was so cool. We taught the restoration and invited them to be baptized and H said she had been thinking about baptism a lot and that was something she wanted to pray about. It was so cool.

Also last Monday we ran into T, a potential at Walmart and she wanted us to stop by this week so we did and we had a great lesson with her! She expressed her desire to become closer to God and she is super excited to keep meeting with us. (:
Also so we volunteer at St. Vincent's and this guy M works there, and he was meeting with the Elders that cover where he lives and he was going to church for a while and even had a baptism date! But he was trying to help a friend in a bad situation out and she moved in with him so he obviously couldn't be baptized, so he is really upset with the Elders. But it has just been making me think about how important it is to keep the commandments, even if it doesn't make sense to you. God gives us commandments so that he can bless us and when we choose not to keep them, we miss out on those blessings, like baptism in M's case. It's so sad! But he still likes us and it's so good that we get to work with him so that we can keep talking with him about the church and trying to help him as best as we can. He still reads the BOM every night, so hopefully he will realize why he needs to keep the commandments! 

Sister Baird told us on Sunday that S has talked a lot about wanting to serve a mission! How cool is that!!! That seriously made me so happy. She has come SO far. When I first started teaching her she was totally agnostic and didn't even really know if there was a God, but now she is so strong in the gospel and wants that for others as well!! This gospel can truly change people and it's so amazing to see. I love this gospel and I love the Atonement so much! It can truly do amazing things.(: 

On Saturday we were driving and saw hundreds of people walking on the side of the road carrying huge shrines of the virgin Mary, and they all had shirts that said Walk to Mary and they walked like 15 miles. I don't even know why but it was seriously the weirdest site to see.

M hasn't texted us back since our super great lesson last week :( We are super sad but we are glad that we gave her the opportunity to accept or not accept baptism once more. Hopefully she will realize how much this gospel will help her and she will get back in contact with us soon.. 

Also so here's a funny story of missionary life. We call Sister Bartell (the member that we will with) Mama B, and Elder McDermott has just started calling her Mom, and it's so weird. Bahah, so like they will call her and be like hey Mom! Or just they always call her mom. So yesterday we were eating breakfast and Mama B goes- I wonder if my son is going to call me for mothers day.. and we were like yeah, what are your kids doing for mothers day? And she goes- No, Elder McDermott! bahahah. We almost died laughing. It's the funniest thing ever. I love Mama B! 

So yeah, it's been a really great week(: I am just so thankful to be out here teaching the gospel. It's crazy that it's already been almost 6 months... I have learned and grown so much, it's crazy. But it's so wonderful and I couldn't be happier. It was so great to skype everyone yesterday, but there is seriously nothing I would rather be doing than serving the people in Wisconsin. I love you all so much! Have a fantastic week!(:

Love, Sister Killian Heavy black heart

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